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JUNE 11, 2021

This week bitcoin continues its lateral movement. Could it be that the bears are running out of ammunition? We see bullish and bearish signs that help us establish support and resistance in our strategy.

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JUNE 4, 2021

We continue on supports. Also, this week we talk about the Elon Musk effect.

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MAY 21, 2021

This week we go into extreme fear. However, a confluence of supports and oversold indicators point to good prospects.

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MAY 14, 2021

This week of high intensity due to Elon Musk's opinions expressed about the contamination produced by bitcoin miners turns the tables on the bitcoin chart. Fear takes over the market for the first time since April 2020. Let's see support and resistance.

linea soporte en anteriores bull markets

MAY 7, 2021

This week we focus on 3 bullish signs in the price of bitcoin that can indicate the end of the alt season

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APRIL 30, 2021

This week the barrier to watch in the coming days is the 50-day moving average (MA50). If the price of bitcoin manages to overcome it and stay above it, we will have a trend...

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APRIL 23, 2021

In the last 7 days bitcoin has suffered a drop of 25%. Is it a good time to buy? We see 4 reasons for the decline and future supports.

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APRIL 9, 2021

This week we review the history of monthly gains and losses of bitcoin in the last 10 years. 

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02 APRIL 2021

If we analyze the trend of the last few weeks we realize that it is quite bullish: higher and higher highs and lower and lower lows, support by the EMA ribbon and rebounds in the Bollinger Bands.

What's more....


26 MARCH 2021

3 Reasons for an imminent rise in the price of bitcoin: Bollinger bands, market sentiment, futures closing.


19 MARCH 2021

It may be the last time we see bitcoin below $60,000.


12 MARCH 2021

I'm back! After a few weeks off due to the move, here I am again with the analysis of Fridays.

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FEBRUARY 19, 2021

Bitcoin has taken 12 years to reach the European trillion dollars (US trillion) in terms of market value. It happened today when the asset was trading around $54,000. This is a significant achievement for...

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We start February of this crazy 2021 with a confirmed bullish flag. The target price is taken as the height of the flagstick placed at the breakout point. This gives us a price of approximately $53,000...


JANUARY 29, 2021

Today, January 29, around 9am Spanish time, Elon Musk, the richest person on the planet, writes a single word in his Twitter biography: bitcoin.


JANUARY 22, 2021

Is bitcoin really entering a bear market? After a 31% drop we see bullish signs that could indicate a recovery.


JANUARY 15  2021

After a week of correction, bitcoin is looking for support at the 21MA on the daily chart.

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JANUARY 8  2021

The fear index and the RSI  seem to indicate that a correction is coming. We cannot know if it will be deep or superficial, fast or slow, of short duration or that it will last for months. That being said, a bearish figure has yet to form....

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one  JANUARY  2021

1) The purple line, which joins the highs of each cycle, could be indicating the maximum potential point of this cycle around $200,000.

2) the blue line....

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18  DEC. 2020

The price of bitcoin rose in two days by 22%, stopping exactly at the level of the Fibonacci extension 1.618...

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DEC 11 2020

A relatively simple way to identify temporary maximums (tops) is to know the figures that the candles usually form in those cases. One of the best known formations is the encircling pattern.  It's about that...

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DEC 4 2020

Historical highs!

It seems that the demand for bitcoin from companies and payment platforms such as Square, Paypal, Microestrategy and investment funds such as Grascale and Fidelity is depleting the daily supply of new bitcoins, limited to 900 bitcoin/day....

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27  NOV. 2020

In line with the technical analysis that we carried out last week, bitcoin this week has continued to rise through the uptrend channel that has taken it almost to its all-time high. It is the moment that analysts point to as "buy the dip" or "buy the correction" or "buy the falls"

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NOV 20 2020

Bitcoin is just 8.85% away from its highest price in history, $20,000. We analyze what you have to take into account to be prepared.

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9 OCTOBER 2020

The Line Break chart gives us a bullish signal that we confirm with an inverted Shoulder-Head-Shoulder. But BEWARE of what happens in the US!


15 AUGUST 2020

In the coming week we can see strong increases in the price of bitcoin. An ascending triangle appears to be forming on the chart. These triangles have a high probability of breaking resistance ...

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fifteen  AUGUST 2020

In the coming week we can see strong increases in the price of bitcoin. An ascending triangle appears to be forming on the chart. These triangles have a high probability of breaking resistance...

hombro-cabeza-hombro invertido precio de

10 AUGUST 2020

After a weekly close that slightly breaks the psychological barrier of $ 11,600, with us since January 2018, we analyze the possible formation of a bullish inverted head and shoulder pattern...

bitcoin price chart 3 august 2020 con el

3 AUGUST 2020

Today we analyze the price of bitcoin from the perspective of the Elliott Waves theory, based on the fact that assets tend to move in impulses of 5 waves (1-5) followed by corrections of 3 waves (AC) ...